Spotlight Tobago

Early morning at Mount Irvine BayTobago is the smaller of two islands known as the twin-island state of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The most southerly of all of the Caribbean countries, Trinidad and Tobago is at the foot of the Windward Island archipelago which stretches from Venezuela in the south-west to Martinique in the north.

Tranquil Tobago: Luxuriantly forested with an abundant water supply and mountainous terrain providing numerous opportunities for waterfalls and pools along the courses of its many small rivers. Protecting Tobago's coastline is mile after mile of coral reef harbouring a wide variety of marine life which feeds on the fertile convergence of the Atlantic and Caribbean seas. The mean annual temperature is 30 degrees C with an average rainfall of 200 cm (40 inches). Dry season is from January to May and wet season from June to December. The Caribbean hurricane season spans from July to end October, but due to its southerly location close to the mainland of South America, Tobago manages to avoid most of the bad storms and is considered outside of the hurricane belt. Many boats choose to anchor in Trinidad during the active months because of this increased safety.

Schizophrenic Tobago: lashed to windward by the Atlantic Ocean, lapped to leeward by the (mostly) more placid waters of the Caribbean Sea. Equally diverse is its culture, once founded on a thriving Amerindian society, now largely African in a uniquely West Indian sense. The names of its towns and villages reflect the fortunes of long-forgotten European wars when France, Holland and England lost and captured Tobago on 31 separate occasions. Today the traveller can pass through Auchenskeoch, Louis d'Or, Bon Accord, l'Anse Fourmi, Scarborough, Plymouth, Goodwood, Argyle and Pembroke – names that attest to its multi-ethnic colonisations.

Speading Samaan at the fort

A drive around Tobago is a safe and rewarding adventure. A succession of delightful images from the flat coral plain of the south west with its tourism bustle, to the almost forgotten Charlotteville in the north, hidden on the far side of the Main Ridge hills and laid out like an amphitheatre round the magnificent Man o' War Bay.

The calendar of annual events in Tobago includes our unique Goat Races at Easter, followed by a week-long Jazz Fest with international and local stars, international Game Fishing Tournament (April), Tobago Heritage Festival (July/August), powerboat Great Race from Trinidad to Tobago (August), Open Golf tournaments, Malta Carib International Cycle Classic (October) plus an annual Triathlon, Dragon Boat races, car rally, and steelband competitions in the run-up to the famous Trinidad carnival in February/March.

Tobago invites its visitors and sporting enthusiasts to enjoy a wide range of activities including dive, snorkelling, stand-up paddling, wind-surfing, kite-boarding, fishing, sailing, golf, bird watching, mountain biking, nature tours, rain forest hikes, horseback riding and more.

Visit Tobago and you will fall in love with the unique energy of the island, letting go of the tensions of life in more fast-paced societies where your spiritual needs can be overlooked. Slow down the pace! Come to Tobago and re-discover who you really are...Grange beach with surf up

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